Gaymart Chicago has sweet action figures!

That's right. You heard me. The Gaymart at 3457 N Halsted Street in Boystown/Chicago has a fabulous action figure selection. I popped into the Gaymart this afternoon looking for a severed ear prop (don't ask) and ended up browsing for a half hour. I somehow manage to forget about this place until I find myself in there and trying very hard not to blow my credit limit. Tons of DC figs, some Marvel, Stargate, Battlestar, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Muppets, South Park, Macfarlane, Statues, and Busts...its plastic geek heaven. They had the Harry Potter Tonks bust that I have been coveting and my beloved Zatanna bust...which may be coming home with me next week as an opening night present ( Dreamlandia is opening on monday). They had several series one Stargate Figs too...which I might break down and buy so I can build a gate. Plus they had the Black Ops Jack...and who can resist a pocket-size MacGyver? I know I can't...

So little money, so little space, so many toys.
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