Fun with Tyvek... Costumes as Art Objects

So I got a sweet gig for the Society for Contemporary Art for the Art Institute of Chicago making costumes for four characters performing at the benefit event. The party was held in the former Carson Pirie Scott building downtown and the theme was 'deconstruction'. So I designed the costumes for the four characters (Architect, Singer, Painter, Sculptor) using unconventional materials such as tarping, tyvek, thermoplastic, cable ties, and sporting equipment and combined those modern elements with fashion elements from the Belle Epoque. With the help of my two stitchers/crafters Melissa Heischberg and Ilda Marrerro, we created these costumes from scratch adding in a few store bought basics like overalls and trousers. I then painted the pieces and added architectural elements to them. I am quite pleased with the results...
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