$40 Off Joker with purchase of Harley Doll!

Joker's WILD about Harley Sale**!

Limited Time! $40.00 off Joker with the purchase of the NEW Harley Quinn! Enter Promo Code JW-032108 at checkout! **Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or coupon. Ends 3/21/08 at midnight

Tempting...very tempting. I have been dying to get Harley...and I love the Joker's outfit. I have been thinking of remaking a Matt doll as a more handsome Joker...or perhaps the Joker could be helped with a little resculpting and painting? I know he's accurate to the comic...but I would love a sexy Joker. I would also love to make a sexier Harley outfit. I want them to look like the awesome Alex Ross Tango with Evil painting...
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