One of my favorite costume sites: Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes

The Costumer's Guide rules! As a costume designer for the stage, I often use it to reference things I have seen in films to get ideas. But it's really great for the crafty uber-fan that wants to recreate a garment from the big screen. I have not had the time to do this yet but someday I want to make a whole slew of re-creations. Right now I am starting small and doing some for my 16" Tonner dolls. I bought a Spiderman Mary Jane with an official Kirsten Dunst likeness to revamp into Marie Antoinette! I started on a muslin and plan to make the milkmaid costume and possibly the blue silk dress or the one with the red velvet belt. (Plus I MUST make the belt for me too!) I also have the Elizabeth Swann/Kiera Knightly doll to makeover into Lizzie Bennett from Pride and Prejudice (just ask my boyfriend how often I watch that least once a week). And of course, Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp to redo as Sweeney Todd. I am hoping to nab another Euphemia doll to use as Mrs. Lovett. But really there are so many option to make. I have always loved the costumes from the recent Star Wars trilogy and I even have that kick butt Designing a Galaxy Special Edition book with all the swatches and great detail shots. I would love to make some of those. Of course...all this in my copious spare time natch.

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