DIY Magnet Paper Doll: Dress Me Up Aubrey Phreque!

Aubrey is one of my comic strip characters from my comic, The Family Phreque, about a traveling sideshow circus that retires in a small midwestern town: hilarity ensues. Aubrey is, obviously, the bearded lady. I drew up the paper doll and colored it in photoshop. I printed up the page and then got a sheet of self-adhesive magnet from the local craft store and stuck it on. Then I cut it out with sharp scissors and an exacto knife without too much blood loss. I already had a swell metal lunchbox to sport her around on...but she also looks great on the fridge! I have a Dress me Up Buffy paper doll started too and will post pics shortly.
Dress Me Up Aubrey Phreque Magnet Paper Doll
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