Perfect Match Gift Set- Jem and the Holograms 35th Anniversary from Integrity Toys

Well...this was unexpected to say the least.  We had been given a sneak of the super cool stand and we all assumed we were getting the Holograms. Literally NOBODY was expecting (nor wanting) this set.  I don't hate it. But I definitely don't love it. Did I buy it?  Well, yes. I had planned to skip it...but then decided I needed the great stand and Jem's outfit.  At $300 for WClub members, it was a really great deal for three dolls and I figured I can sell what I don't want. I don't need another Rio and I did not need a new sculpt. The Milo sculpt is nice if you don't have the OG Rio, then this could be welcome. Riot is a great sculpt. I already have one that I love so I don't really need another. The outfit is over the top and fun...I might keep that. Many have pointed out that this Riot could be a great start to re-creating that swell OOaK Karl Lagerfeld Monarch from the last convention. So hmmmm. The Rock and Curl Jem is fine. Cute and a littl…

New Jem dolls for 35th Anniversary- Up & Rockin' Flip-Side Giftset

Gasp. Finally we get a reveal. I had already made a custom version of this outfit for myself (and I will confess that I like my version a little bit more...but this one is still swell). I do love that they gave us the necklace from the fashion.  (I wonder if that hints at the City Lights set as another upcoming flipside fashion since it uses the same necklace! ) I think this Jerrica is just gorgeous! I like the pink hair they used for Jem too. I am also absolutely wild about the packaging and box art.  It does tempt me to get a second one to display but...yeah...the world is a garbage fire and I have to pay for the convention, so that is likely not happening.
The lottery element to this release was unexpected and is causing a great deal of angst in an already angsty time. The fear is that people in the W Club will enter only to scalp the winning dolls to desperate Jem fans who were unlucky and did not win the opportunity to buy the doll.  If one misses out on this Jem via the W Club, t…

Robert Tonner Partners with Sideshow

Hello friends!First of all, I hope this message finds you healthy and happy during these strange times. I am reaching out because I am extremely excited to announce my new partnership with Sideshow, the legendary maker of high end collectibles. This thrilling collaboration marks my return to the fashion doll space following a hiatus (much needed if I do say so). I will be launching new dolls and character figures developed in conjunction with Sideshow. For those who are interested in learning more I encourage you to RSVP for the collection launch at Early sign-ups for this mailing list will receive an exclusive first reveal of the doll designs featured in our NEW fashion doll collection. Please note, this will be the only way we will be communicating with you about the new collection going forward, so please make sure to sign-up with Sideshow! Thank you for being a part of the Tonner Doll family over the years. Your dedication to this art form has meant the world to me, and…

Monarch Paolo Marino Doll

I finally caved on a Monarch doll. I entered in the lottery and won the opportunity to buy the new Paolo Marino. His sculpt is clearly a variation (or the exact same sculpt) as Zipper from Jem. I sold my original Zipper because his hair was totally not doing it for me.  I am loving this guy and the price was right for what looks like an amazing fashion with great accessories (glasses, watch, umbrella, adorbs loafers, and glove hands). So for the club price of $150...I took the bait.  Item #21005 Most Influential Paolo Marino™ Fashion Figure The Monarchs™ Homme Collection Edition Size: 700 Expected Ship Date: In-stock, will ship after winners' payments are received MSRP: $175.00 Special Members-Only Price (During Lottery Only): $150.00 + Shipping
*W Club Exclusive Right-to-buy Lottery Offer* Head Sculpt: Paolo Body Type: Monarchs 1.0 Skin Tone: Hungarian Hair Color: Salt and Pepper Eyelashes: No Quickswitch: No
The Story:
Introducing Paolo Marino, silver fox, fashionable financier and younger brot…

Legendary Convention Upgrade Dolls, W Club Luncheon, Theories, and a Wishlist

So we got our first peak of what might be in store for the upcoming Legendary virtual doll Convention from Integrity Toys this fall.  These two upgrade dolls, as imagined in sketches by designer Jessy Ayala, feature Adele 2.0 and Vero 2.0 in updos and a little white and black dresses, respectively.  These are callbacks to similarly named old school Jason Wu designs from the early years and feature the two characters that started it all. So this is leading many to hypothesize that much of the convention offerings will also be new takes on some classic looks from years past. I am guessing that will be the case and I am here for it. I wonder if that will also be true for the Poppy offerings too? We shall see. I would kill to get some redos of the first Poppy mod collection. 
I talked myself down off ordering both of the upgrades for now.  I am tempted by Adele...but I don't really love or need either of these fashions. I suspect that they won't be too tricky to acquire later via t…

Integrity Legendary Convention: Virtual Bloodbath Recap

Well, it's been a minute.  (Deep breathe). In the midst of a world filled political chaos, a pandemic, the righteous Black Lives Matters protests and the urgent need for all to thoughtfully consider our role in the systemic racism and social injustice all around feels a little silly to get all dramatic about dolls. Yet, doll people, in general, love some drama.  This time only some of it was our own making.
Sidenote: If you want to see some SERIOUS drama...go do some snooping on the Barbie 2020 Convention Thread because that was/is some NUTTINESS.  Good luck and God Speed and NOPE!
So lucky for us (IMHO), Integrity opted to cancel their in-person convention (originally taking place in Texas in October) because they would prefer their customers, family, and staff to actually...I don't know...STAY ALIVE. Shocking. It is now a virtual convention but with the original limited number of 575 attendees.  This meant that while it was still happening, the fact that it was virtua…

Oh right....dolls. Poppy Parker Model Traveler Collection

Well it has been a couple of months...and an overwhelming amount of stuff has been going on.  I have barely had a second to think about taking a shower let alone dolls. 

With things being what they are in the world, dolls had been the furthest thing from my mind.  When the Meteor collection came out, I liked them but could not even begin to think about purchasing them out of an abundance of caution for my bank account.  I would still like to grab Zuri and the club exclusive doll maybe at some point...but that point is like next year.
Anyway, lately I have been taking time each week to unwind and redress a doll or two.  I find this a great way to indulge in some frivolous but necessary 'self care'. Getting the bins out, sorting through the goods, and putting together a fun new look for a doll is wonderful medicine for my soul. I have been trying to purge some things along the way too...which is also good for the bank account in the process.
Which brings me to the recent Poppy Park…