2018 Luxe Life Round Up

Oye. I've been home for five days and I am just beginning to recover. The combination of the time change, my already being sick, and sleep deprivation was BRUTAL. But it was a great time and the dolls were GORGEOUS.

The Style Lab dolls not actually being there was a bit of a bummer. I pre-ordered them and now will get pre-shipping for my trouble. Can't complain about that really. The dolls and fashions look AMAZEBALLS though. I am always a fan of the style lab and these were absolutely perfect.  I will likely keep all the lady fashions.  I am not sure about the male fashions yet as I feel I already have similar styles (though the red coat is kind of cool). I doubt I am keeping the men and will probably only keep Rufus, Ellery, Hollis, and Lark. I have not decided on Gavin yet. I was pleased to see the Jem/CI sculpts make a comeback (in a smaller scale to match the Industry body). The Build a Doll Poppy looks STUNNING. If I am seeing it correctly, she has a silver and black fr…

Wu Gala Dinner

Next year in Baltimore! Nice. I can drive even....JW: proud of relaunch of RuPaul doll. Launched a plus size line on Elloqui. Working on a documentary film about his history (including dolls). JW: luxe life- child of the 80s..Dynasty. over the top glam. Centerpiece inspired by Lacroix (his designer hero). Agnes, the bitchiest... celebrating the Opulence. Integrity af the first manufacturer of diverse dolls. Making dolls that reflect our times. JW: next year my 20th year of dolls. The Agnes face today was an original screen he did seven years ago. JW: he wanted to do something that spoke to him and was fashionable.  JW: misaki,  making a doll that spoke to a whole new group of collectors. A japanese collector gave him a 60s catalog... that led to Poppy Parker. JW: feeling very nostalgic...about the old sculpts coming back. JW: made a hilarious netaporter joke. Dolls next year:  Surprise characters and back to basics. JW: lacroix and yves st laurent inspired. His favorite character.  EL…

W Club Lunch News

Burning questions answered...Design process:JA: organic
CS: starts with fabric
DB: starts with movies,  fashion,  old magazines. Things the concept by Vaughn.
VS: fabric availability idea the biggest issue. Jason still the creative director of FR but the still be a shift for next year.  Generally Jason had been choosing dolls and dresses and hairstyles. Next year Jadon will be doing the saturday event with his Jason Wu line and Jessy doing FR and NuFace for convention. 
AT: exciting stuff for next year featuring every brand...Timing of releases:VS: China production issue.  Designing started earlier but they still ended up delayed.  Hairstyle samples were wrong.
CR: china going through turnover and changes. It's taking more rounds of samples to get it right. People being retrained.
VS: biggest delay in training for face paint and hairstyles.
AT: this year is exceptional.  Death Vadar going to the Death Star to strangle people. (Team going to china).
VS: deadline for next year …

Poppy news!

Travel theme for the convention dolls. Showstopper Russian Doctor Shivago inspired. Three themes for convention.  Style lab all poppy! Another then for convention collection and yet another for the lunch. Mission Brazil. Girl from integrity reboot. I'm excited. It's going to be inclusive.

Salesroom bonus dolls

Only tickets for three this year....

Convention Bound

Sitting in the airport heading to Portland for the 2018 Integrity Toys Luxe Life Convention. The best part of convention is being around like minded weirdos. You can let your freak flag fly.

This is my first time getting there a day early in order to do room sales.  There is no Bazaar this year (so annoying) so I'm really counting on good sales. I brought a TON of stuff. Hopefully I go home with less of what I brought (so i can bring new stuff home).

I will be keeping this blog updated over the weekend. See you there!

Dancing Queen Kylie..New BFF for Misaki

FR Nippon is expanding the lineup by giving Misaki another friend, Kylie. She features the Erin 1.0 mold.  Adorable. You can only get her through FR Nippon dealers and the only two stateside are: and

She is adorable but I will need to skip this one since convention is coming up. I also tend to like my Misaki's in kawaii overload or with festive haircolors.