Integrity Convention 2016 Looms

I will be jumping on a plane Thursday morning to head to my beloved homeland, Chicago.  My lottery number does not let me into the IT store or Style Lab until Friday so I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with myself on Thursday before the first event.  Room sales would be treacherous.  I am trying to stick to a really strict budget. Groan.

Though I much prefer the lottery system to the queue-a-thon of year's past, I am bummed not to get into the stores until Friday.  I really hope they have the collections on display somewhere so that I don't have to rely on cell phone photos to see things that are just behind a flimsy hotel door. Sort of kills the excitement of attending.

Anyway...I should get back to my 'littlest sweat shop'. These things won't sew themselves. I have one competition entry that might get complete if I stay focused,  I am not sure that I will get to the second category or not.

I do plan to makeup updates from the convention... 


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